Unpleasant smells can spread everywhere, but also remain. Particularly affected are all materials which provide a large surface for the odor molecules. After cooking, the hair and the clothes sometimes smell, here a shower and the washing machine can help. However, it is different in the case of textiles which can not be washed off easily. Our upholstery cleaning against odor removes all odors from your upholstery furniture, so you are completely odorless again.

Dog owners are often amazed at the odor assets of their four-legged animals. The noses of the dogs are so sensitive that even the finest odors can be perceived over long distances. For us humans, a smell must be particularly intense and in direct environment, in order to be perceived and classified as pleasant or unpleasant. Unfortunately, an unpleasant smell has usually already settled before we notice it at all.

strong odors can be cleaned from the upholstery

In addition to the smoke of cigarettes and cigars, it is the odors from the kitchen as well as from our pets, which in the course of time are firmly fixed in the curtains, carpets and upholstery furniture. The odor molecules are whirled through the air and reach every small niche. For the upholstery, this means that the odors do not only deposit on the surface but penetrate deeply into the tissue. With the knocking out of the carpets and the sucking off of the couch it is not done to get rid of these harassments again.

The upholstery cleaning against odors also works when the sofa and armchairs have long since absorbed odor molecules and stored them deep inside. Special cleaning agents dissolve the strongly smelling compounds with the fibers of the pads and allow them to be completely removed afterwards. For this purpose, it is necessary to loosen the odors also deep under the surface of the furniture and to extract them with powerful tools without residue.

upholstery cleaning against odor is highly recommended

Even if you feel disturbed by unpleasant odors in your upholstery furniture, you no longer have to endure it. Just get in touch with us and find out how the upholstery cleaning against odor can make your armchair and the sofa neutral in the smell again.

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