Mites are extremely unpleasant, especially once they have nestled in the living area. In addition to the directly visible impurities, a strong health burden is also created. The only way to get rid of the inconspicuous spinnakers is to clean the upholstery cleaning against mites.

Dust Mite Allergies can be avoided by thorough upholstery cleaning

Mites exist in over 50,000 different species. In our latitudes, besides the well-known house dust mite, the grave mite and the hair coloring mite, above all the ticks, are a danger to man and beast as a cause of disease. The smallest species of the mite are only 0.1 millimeters large and as individual animals hardly corresponding with the human eye. At the same time, the small animals move slowly, so that the animals are not immediately noticed during the movement. Mites are very modest in their place of life. In the wild they mostly live in the soil. However, if they have found the way to the house or the apartment, they will gladly take advantage of the comfort and protection of the upholstery furniture.

House dust mites prefer places where they find shrouds and moisture. Beside the bed and there especially in the head pillow, it is the sofa and the armchairs that offer ideal living conditions for the small animals. During their short lifetime of one to three months the female animals lay between 40 and 80 eggs. Uncovered, a mite plague can spread in the shortest time in the household, which must be combated.

spider mite

As spiders it is easy for the mites to move deeply into cushions and upholstery and survive there even under mechanical stress. For the upholstery cleaning of mites it is therefore not sufficient to clean the couch and the chairs with the vacuum cleaner thoroughly. Rather, a professional cleaning of the upholstery is necessary to remove the animals completely from the furniture and thus from the household. It is only when the animals are weakened or killed that their resistance to the textiles is reduced and they can be removed from the upholstery by a special cleaning device. Subsequently, the pads are thoroughly cleaned and impregnated to prevent re-attack by mites.

Even if you are not sure whether your pads are affected by mites, please do not hesitate to contact us now. We will gladly explain the further procedure for the upholstery cleaning against mites.

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