Upholstered furniture with microfiber covers are particularly high-quality and attractive. It is difficult, however, to clean the microfiber upholstery because these materials are difficult to clean with regular household cleaning agents. Especially when moisture has lodged in the microfibers, stains are created which can not be completely removed with the commercially available foam for upholstery furniture and the vacuum cleaner.

microfibre cloth close-up

A sofa and armchair made of microfiber is particularly soft and cuddly. Usually the surface is roughened and resembles natural suede. However, the upholstery cleaning for microfibre is similarly difficult. The soft fabric of synthetic fibers is particularly smooth and short, offering ideal conditions of dust, dirt and moisture. Just as the house dust adheres to a cleaning cloth made of microfibre fibers, it can also settle in the couch and upholstery. If this is also the contact with liquids, the cleaning is almost impossible – unless you commissioned professionals with it.

The upset glass of red wine is not the end of the upholstery furniture

A glass of red wine on the bright microfiber sofa does not have to mean the end of the seat set. Even if immediately after the malheur home remedies such as food salt are used, the stains can not be completely removed from the fine tissue. Due to the smooth structure of the artificial fabric, the moisture penetrates directly into the upholstery and carries stains and soiling deeply into the fabric.

professional upholstery cleaning for microfibre sofas, chairs and home textiles

We offer the professional upholstery cleaning for microfibre and can therefore also remove deep seated impurities, stains and unpleasant odors. No matter whether it was the red wine glass or the house cat, which contaminated the microfiber cover, we get it again completely clean. At the same time, the professional cleaning of microfibre covers in upholstered furniture helps to protect them from new impurities. The impregnation acts as an invisible barrier and is especially recommended for bright upholstered furniture.

Are your armchairs and the microfibre sofa dirty or smell intense? Do not wait and contact us now to learn more about the upholstery cleaning for microfibre and to make an appointment.

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